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Tony Marra was unable to work and dug himself into debt because of an injury he suffered while working for the railroad. He was on disability, but as you know disability does not pay his bills.

He turned to Ed Yule, a Huntington / Northport NY lawyer to help him out.

Ed Yule took the railroad to court for personal injury damages and to cover the mountain of doctor bills Tony was forced to look at every day.

Ed Yule applied his experience and knowledge of the law to win the case for Tony and to get a settlement for over 1.2 million dollars. The secret to success is to find somebody willing to fight for you.

"Ed Yule took a personal interest in my case. He came through for me and my family," said Tony Marra after he won a settlement for over 1.2 million dollars.

Ed Yule has honed his law practice for the last 15 years in the Huntington / Northport LI, NY area. He has won cases in Suffolk, Nassau, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Hi- How can I help you?

I work for you. I'm a bulldog of a fighter and a tireless worker. I combine my inside knowledge of the judicial system and my specialized training and expertise gives me a unique perspective on your case.

I am exceptionally qualified in areas concerning criminal defense, DWI, personal injury, negligence,car accidents, construction accidents and other legal matters.

I live and work in the Northport / Huntington NY area and am able to represent you in local courts or the county courts of Suffolk County, Nassau County, and all the boroughs of New York City.