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I work for you. I'm a bulldog of a fighter and a tireless worker.

Ed Yule - Attorney at Law - Criminal lawyer

It's not your fault - don't let a bad break get you down - Ed Yule Works For YOU.

Sometimes things just go wrong for no apparent reason. Don't let bad luck get you down -- You need someone who fights for you and your rights.

People from all walks of life sometimes need help with resolving a misdemeanor and/or felony charges. The stakes are high, you need someone who is experienced in your legal situation and is not afraid to fight for your rights and defense.

Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your charges. The Law Office of Edward Yule, located in Northport, New York, has experience in all types of criminal trials. We have achieved a high level of success representing people just like you in all kinds of legal matters.

If you need representation for criminal charges for a controlled substance, driving after revocation of your license, driving while impaired, DWI, shoplifting, theft, or grand larceny, we can minimize the consequences on your daily life. We focus on the best interests of you, so that you can get the results you deserve. Criminal charges, whether felony or misdemeanor, and no matter how minor they seem, must be taken seriously and dealt with properly.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, protect your interest by exercising your rights. Do not speak to anyone about your case before speaking with an experienced attorney.

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